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the good shows approaching [Mar. 22nd, 2006|10:15 am]
Girls Do It Better


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[music |kittie - do you think i'm a whore]

updating hasn't been happening lately. i forgot to mention that HORRORPOPS came. but it was in palm beach. i wish i could've gone, but i didn't have a ride.

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THE BIRTHDAY MASSACRE is saturday. i'm not really a big fan, but they kick some ass. they're playing with deadstar assembly & flirting through violence (all whom suck) but its only $10. so there ya go.

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KITTIE is coming may 3rd. whoo-hoo. they were one of the first metal bands i ever listened to. not to mention the only female metal band thats any good. i already have tickets for it. (haha i'm a dork). i really liked "spit" (thats the album that hooked me) but "oracle" was heavier & more sincere. i think it scared alot of those male metal bands. "until the end" (the most recent) was a terrible excuse for music.
there's a few good songs, but not great. nonetheless, i'm excited!

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